New Education Policy 2020

The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has solidified the government’s commitment to promote early childhood education in India. The Right to Education act of 2010 had predominantly focused on mandatory education for children aged between 6-14, leaving a crucial regulatory gap for early childhood education.

However, the new policy recognizes how ages 3-6 play a vital role in cognitive development of children and therefore should be an integral part of the mainstream education system. Although education is part of the concurrent list under the Constitution of India, giving both the central government and state government the right to make laws, a strong policy states the clear intent of the central government to formalize early education.

The government acknowledges ages 3-8 as the foundational stage of a child’s education, that has been evidenced by the adoption of a 5+3+3+4 model. However, the policy goes beyond mere recognition of early childhood education as essential, it also reiterates the need to acknowledge the changes in modern society. The government has fully backed the STEM model of education that focusses on skill-building and drives India closer to becoming a knowledge economy.

The government’s decision to revamp the curriculum design and planning process comes in wake of the unprecedented unemployability crisis that the country is currently facing. Our schools and Universities have been unable to keep pace with the changing needs of the job market that is increasingly driven by trends in technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

NatureNurture had hosted a conference in 2016 with the former cabinet secretary and Chairman of the drafting committee of a 2016 central education policy. Following the discussions, NatureNurture had begun the research and development into its flagship STREAM program. Addressing the issues of foundational numeracy and literacy, NatureNurture has added the R for Reading and Writing to STEAM education that can prepare the next generation of Kindergarten and Middle school graduates for a more fulfilling higher education experience.

We live in interesting times as the education policy undergoes change in the midst of a global pandemic as children are forced to opt for online alternatives for schooling. With the growth of elearning companies, schools are forced to rework their curriculum design philosophies to remain relevant in a post-pandemic world.

At NurtureNurture, we recognize the unique needs of each school that are often governed by demographics and local policy. We work closely with all our partner schools to give them an opportunity to develop a customized curriculum that sees eye-eye with NEP’s goals. Working on revamping your curriculums today will ensure that the schools can remain ahead of the curve and become the torchbearers of change before policy measures force all schools to follow in the tracks of the torchbearers. Find out more at

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