Active learning – Preparing Kids for the future

In today’s progressive world, the requirement for imaginative instructive games and exercises is developing quickly. Since learners love to play intuitive, intriguing and imaginative games with their companions, schools and guardians must figure out how to utilize games to educate them.

NatureNurture utilizes these various active learning approaches to help make learning fun for learners:

  • Group games for pre-schoolers
    Regardless of whether it is a gathering or play date, preschoolers love playing together. Utilize their penchant for drawing, running, hopping, etc to introduce some learning material. With NatureNurture, we allow them to be changed into vigorous pre-schoolers with new contorts on their favourite games.
  • Get-together games for kids
    These games and exercises are ideal for gatherings, first days at school, family socials, day camps and other get-togethers, where children regularly feel exhausted and irritated. You can help them appreciate these social events by offering them indoor and outdoor games that help discern and improve their aptitudes while enabling them to remain occupied.
  • Imaginative learning games
    These games help learners address regular issues with creative approaches and inventive thinking. It is undeniably the best critical thinking and basic leadership preparation program that enables learners to build up their reasoning aptitudes.
  • Instructive and math kits
    The creative instructive and math units are meant to offer present-day learning components to class going kids. These packs encourage learners to participate in an imaginative world, think inventively and learn arithmetic while playing with real items and exploring genuine issues. These units help learners to express their feelings in response to a particular issue.
  • Versatile innovation labs
    NatureNurture has carried inventive labs on trolleys into study halls. These versatile development labs are mapped with educational programmes and are carefully curated to enable and improve the visual learning process in schools. The materials and assets given in these labs function as all-round instructive guides to learning.
  • STEAM labs
    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) labs is an idea that incorporates imaginative intuition in conventional training plans to help improve the academic structure. The idea promotes adaptability and additionally brings a great deal of energy, eagerness and change into the present learning instruments.
  • Learn-play-grow
    NatureNurture’s ‘bolster arrangements’ help in boosting essential abilities that can assist learners with their educational growth and development needs. It enables kids to learn different subjects through easy understanding. They can experience a fun, hands-on way to master the significant yet perplexing subjects.
  • Indoor games
    A spectrum of well-planned games that benefits a learner’s mental and emotional development.
  • Outside games
    Games that utilize hand-eye coordination to help keep learners fit and healthy.
  • Advancement labs
    A range of exercises that help learners discover their creative potential.
  • Improved skills
    Arranged activities to help learners improve their skills through engaging activities.

These programmes have been crafted to help educators and guardians choose the most appropriate activities for advancing a child’s aptitudes. NatureNurture uses active learning to connect education with toys and games; the approach uses toys that are safe for children and activities that are meticulously planned to enhance their education.

NatureNurture provides education solutions to schools, educators and parents, helping them provide an effective education to their children.

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